The nine-team Augusta Church League postseason tournament began?Monday at Moyle Field.
The higher seeds controlled the night. East Eavangelical won its game 7-0 (via forfeit) against Crossroads. Church of Christ jumped all over First United Methodist 17-4. First Baptist beat Benton.
The next games will be played Thursday, and the tournament will continue through Saturday. There will be a Home Run Derby Saturday, as well. Concessions are available.

Monday’s first-round results
Game 1 - 7pm East Evangelical Free def. Crossroads 7-0
Game 2 - 8pm Church of Christ def. 1st United Methodist 17-4
Game 3 - 9pm 1st Baptist def. Benton Methodist 21-7

Thursday, July 19
Game 4 - 7pm Cumberland v. Prairie Hills
Game 5 - 8pm 1st Southern Baptist vs. East Evangelical Free
Game 6 - 9pm Crossroads vs. United Methodist

Friday, July 20
Game 7 - 7pm L4 vs. L5
Game 8 - 8pm W6 vs. L3
Game 9 - 9pm W2 vs. W3
Game 10 - 10pm W4 vs. W5

Saturday, July 21

Game 11 - 8am W7 vs. L9
Game 12 - 9am L10 vs. W8
Game 13 - 10am W9 vs. W10
Game 14 - 11am W12 vs. W11
Game 15 - 7pm L13 vs. W14
Game 16 - 8pm W13 vs. W 15
Game 17 - 9pm (if necessary)