Basketball is a team game, but having a player who has the ability to take control is something all coaches love.
Kylie Wesbrooks has the game to do so. For that, Wesbrooks earned the Gazette’s freshman girl’s Athlete of the Year award.
For a freshman, Wesbrooks has a good jump shot and can create her own shots by attacking the basket and drawing contact, something she isn’t afraid to do. She plays with a certain intensity that’s immediately apparent.
Watching her play can gain an appreciation for how hard she works, particularly on the defensive end. She can hound any ball handler in front of her and create steal opportunities.
Basketball isn’t the only thing she’s good at. Wesbrooks is a solid volleyball player and should become a great softball player, as well.
Wesbrooks is just one of several girls in this class to have talent across the board. It’s going to be great watching these girls get better and be competitive every year.

Girls runners-up: Hayes, Eberhardt

Freshmen Megan Hayes and Brooke Eberhardt both emerged as legitimate starting pitchers on the varsity level. If they continue to get better, they will form a nice combination in the coming softball seasons.
Both of them played well during basketball and volleyball seasons, as well. Morgan Kirk and Nicole Becker deserve mention as well. This freshmen class could turn into something special.