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  • More convenient health care for Douglass

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  • When local companies work together, they can accomplish things that neither could do on their own.
    Dr. Mike Rausch has always tried to provide complete medical care for the town where he graduated from high school.
    He has a medical clinic there, but he has always struggled to do everything necessary to make health care convenient for people in Douglass.
    “Many times, a visit to the clinic generates the need for prescription medication,” Dr. Rausch said. “The benefit of the local clinic is that people from Douglass don’t have to drive into Derby, Augusta or Wichita to see a physician. But if they have to make that trip to get their prescription, I haven’t really saved them that much.”
    Rausch even tried to keep common prescriptions in stock from pharmacies, but there was just no way to anticipate needs and efficiently supply that need himself.
    Brett Kappelmann at Cooper Drug has explored options to expand his pharmacies services into areas like Douglass with few local options.
    Cooper Drug has become well-known for the “drug bug” – a Volkswagen Beatle covered with the Cooper Drug logo.
    The drug bug is used for free delivery of pharmacy products to Augusta residents.
    So when Dr. Rausch and Kappelmann met to discuss options, the answer seemed obvious.
    “Dr. Rausch’s office is open in Douglass on Tuesday and Friday each week,” Kappelmann said. “We will start making a delivery to the area on those days when we know what they need.”
    Kappelmann said the idea was a testament to Dr. Rausch and his community-mindedness.
    “This will be a win for Cooper Drug and Dr. Rausch’s clinic, but it should be especially positive for Douglass residents who won’t have to leave town to get what they need to feel better,” Kappelmann said.
    The new system should be in place in a few weeks.
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