To Mr. Bush:

You have always struck me as a fair, middle of the political road columnist. Then you do these kind of hack jobs leaving out what seems like important facts.
 First, let me say I don't have plans to vote for O'Donnell. But, then again neither do you.  You nor I live in the state of Delaware. However, her election is obviously still one of interest and impact to the rest of the country. Which is why I'm surprised you would take such a hard left line stance on her candidacy.
You highlight her "witch" comments from 1997 on Mahr's show Political Nonsense. You even stress how the comments were only made about ten years ago. You fail to mention the context of the witch story that relates to her teenage years. Probably an important thing when discussing the error's of someones past.
 You discuss with a condescending and condemning tone her comments on masturbation. Yet, it shouldn't startle you that many in this country still feel this is not a wholesome practice. Indeed, many in the Bible Belt would certainly not condone this type of self-gratification.
Perhaps, Christine's positions aren't that different from most people who rebelled as a teen and grew up as an adult, clinging to the faith of a religion instilled in them by the heritage which encompassed their childhood environment. You question her credibility on the issues--issues which you don't even talk about. You didn't bring up any of her positions on today's issues.
Why is it that a radical on the left is excused when they claim previous actions were done in a period of immaturity, and their personal beliefs today do not reflect how they will govern in light of laws and the Constitution. Let a conservative attempt to make that claim and columnist, like yourself offer no understanding or willingness to give the benefit of the doubt.
Disappointing that even you would succumb to the double standard news reporting that is so prevalent today.

Derek Snyder
Neosho, Mo.