Each year, Kansas’ school districts are required by the state to take an official headcount of students enrolled on Sept. 20.
Full-time equivalency (FTE), the enrollment on which state funding is based, will be calculated from this official count.
The enrollment figures for Augusta Unified School District 402 public schools for the 2010-11 school year are for the most part holding steady.
The most recent headcount of 2,363 for Pre-K-12 is slightly lower than last year’s count of 2,378. 
Any number of factors typically come into play when enrollment numbers go up or down. The most likely of those factors, families that have moved away from the district, whether due to the economy or other reasons.
School Superintendent Jim Lentz is at a loss on where the students went from last year’s estimated enrollment, but feels the district will come out okay  by the end of this school year.
“We’ll come pretty close to our projections by the end of the year,” he said, referring the come-and-go nature of students and families.
Supt. Lentz said there are 152 students in this year’s senior class at the high school and he can see enrollment waves coming through the district’s lower classes.
For instance, he reports there are 172 students in Kindergaren, 183 in the First Grade and 225 boys and girls in the Fifth Grade of the school system. Middle School Eighth Graders total 167.
The Augusta High Junior Class is the fewest students with 130.