To the Gazette:

Augusta, your high school athletic department should make some arrangement to speed emergency access to your football stadium.
 I attended a 9th grade football game between Augusta and Mulvane last Monday evening, Sept. 27. During the latter minutes of the second quarter, an Augusta player was injured and lay on the field for what I estimate to be 45 minutes before emergency paramedics arrived. Play was discontinued and halftime was called by the officials after several minutes following the player’s injury.
An ambulance finally arrived after at least 30 minutes and sat in the parking lot for another five or ten minutes before paramedics appeared, casually pushing a gurney down the walkway leading into the stadium. After a leisurely stroll to the injured player, the medics attended to him and lifted him to the gurney. Both the home team and visiting team’s audience gave the poor player a round of applause as he was casually wheeled out of the stadium.
Folks, you should demand that your school administration have an ambulance on hand at each and every football game with paramedics at ready. Unfortunately, the stadium appears to be designed such that an ambulance cannot be moved onto the playing field, but precautions should be taken, nevertheless.
In this case (hopefully) the injury was not serious in nature, but it could have been. It could have been life-threatening, where minutes were important. It could be your boy involved.

Patsy Miracle-Pickens