To the Gazette:

I’ve noticed that Mike Pompeo’s campaign for U.S. Congress is still throwing out facts that are untrue.  I’ve lived in Wichita for 15 years, and I can tell you what I know for sure about Kansans… they are the kindest, most loving people in the nation!  They tell the truth, care about each other, and fight for what’s right.  When Raj Goyle, Mike Pompeo’s opponent in the race, talks about “Kansas Values,” that is what I believe he’s talking about, truth, kindness and ethics.
So, when I hear Mike Pompeo talk about the East Coast donors trying to “buy their way into Kansas politics” by having Raj Goyle elected, I’m sad.  This is simply not true.  Kansans are not so weak that they would permit outsiders to buy their election.
The fact is that in the race for the 4th Congressional seat, Goyle has twice as many Kansas donors as Pompeo.
I hope that the Pompeo campaign fights a good fight throughout this election, telling the TRUTH.
Kansans care very much about their state, and that’s why so many of them are supporting Raj Goyle.  The only true Kansan in this race, Raj Goyle will uphold Kansas values in the U.S. Congress.


Jamie Schmaltz