Unfortunately, my son is a hypocrite.
That's not my opinion. It is biblically confirmed.
Don't get me wrong. He is a great kid. But according to Matthew 5:6 he prays just like a hypocrite.
Jesus was warning his disciples "do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by men. I tell you the truth, they have received their reward in full."
Blake fell right into that trap.
Last week, it was his bedtime. I could tell because he started bouncing around like crazy trying to fight off the sleepiness. We had to get ready for church the next day so my wife wanted him to get to bed to prevent the unpleasant wake up event the next morning.
But she was busy so I was "allowed" to perform the bedtime rituals of some Bible reading and nightly prayers.
We finished our reading and it was time to pray.
He went first.
He asked God to help him be good in school - apparently that requires divine intervention - and to bless his family, teachers and friends etc. - so far, so good.
But then his prayers were directed a little lower.
". and please let me get a good grade on my spelling test so my parents don't have to beat me."
God must have been helping me as I kept from laughing.
Honestly, I can't speak for his mother, but I wouldn't beat a first grader over a spelling test.
He knows that. But he was still willing to make sure his prayers were heard by me - just in case.
My wife and I tried to remember the last time he was even spanked. Neither of us could.
I guess it must have made an impression on him because it didn't on either of us.
I had no idea what I was missing when my wife put him to bed each night.
From now on, I'm going to give myself the opportunity more often. I can always use a good laugh.
Chamber standards are "dropping"
When you look for fresh ways to raise funds, a lot of ideas come to the table.
But the Augusta Chamber of Commerce picked a fundraiser for the Community Homecoming Weekend that really stinks.
At high noon on Tuesday Oct. 5 at the Frisco Depot downtown, the Chamber will host Horse Apple Bingo.
For $5, a person can lease a 1x1 space on a 40 spot grid. The owner of the spot where the horse is standing when nature calls could win up to $500.
This may be the most unique event during the homecoming festivities this year.
There should be a big crowd on hand waiting for the horse to pick a winner in his own special way. There will also be lunch available while you wait. Beginning at 11:30 a.m., for only $5 you can get a bowl of chili, chips, a cinnamon roll and a drink.
Global Parts, Cooper Drug and, of course, the Augusta Animal Clinic are sponsors for this event.
This should be a fun event. Find a Chamber board member or go by the office to purchase your square. Then come out for lunch and let the chips fall where they may.