Editor's Note: This is the second installment in multiple part series highlighting city codes and ordinances that will be enforced more strictly in the coming months.


On Tuesday, this series looked at the problems created by overgrown grass, weeds and other vegetation and the codes and ordinances that regulate those problems.
But even if the lawn is mowed, there are still several ways that your property can become a nuisance to your neighbors and the community.
One of those is keeping junked cars on your property.
If you are Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor working on your hot rod in the garage, the City of Augusta has no issue with you. When you finish, you can even bring your car downtown for the annual car show.
But if you are Jack "The Junk Man" Johnson, you might get a visit from a local code enforcement employee or the city inspector.
"When people live in disorder it is directly linked to crime problems," said Public Safety Director Tyler Brewer. "Finding and solving these problems is part of our Problem Oriented Policing project."
Junked cars create many issues in the community.
• They serve as a breeding ground for insects and rodents.
• They are a danger because of broken glass and metal protrusions and insecure mounting on blocks or jacks.
• Encourage pilfering and theft.
• Constitute a blighting influence upon the area in which they are located and
• Constitute a fire hazard by blocking access to buildings.
So how can you tell if your car qualifies as a project or a nuisance "junked" car?
Junked cars are defined as:
 Inoperable - partially dismantled, abandoned or unable to perform the function for which they were originally constructed.
• Lacks a current registration plate.
•  Sits on jacks, blocks or other supports.
• Is missing one or more parts necessary for operation.
These provisions  don't apply to every car in this condition. If it is enclosed in a garage or is located in that spot for less than 30 days, the vehicle is not in violation of the code.
Also, people who are conducting a business in compliance with existing zoning regulations who keep the vehicles behind sufficient screening to prevent people from seeing them are also exempt.
- - -
If you have questions or concerns about a vehicle or your own or in your neighborhood, call the Code Enforcement office at 775-4505.