A proposal to receive up to $1 million from the State Conservation Commission (SCC) for a $2.5-$3 million city spillway-dam project won easy approval from the Augusta City?Council Monday night.
The timetable for this mandated improvement work by the state water resources is the fall of 2011.
Augusta can also apply  an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) grant of $180,000 toward the spillway-dam project. The city will be responsible for the remainder of the project cost.
It was reported, the  fall 2011 start will allow completion of plans and specifications for the wor as well as time to secure necessary permits.
Monday night also saw  council action to change the financial advisor relationship with  Piper Jaffray & Co. to that of  underwriter for 2010 to 2010C bond issues.
That was followed by approval of resolutions for improvements to the public water supply system, the sale of General Obligation bonds nd water refunding bonds for this work.
Augusta’s council also authorized a bond refunding measures for electric system and for Cottonwood Point.
A?change order for the city’s raw waterline improvement through the Frontier Refinery at El Dorado. The mayor was authorized to sign Change Order 2 adding a cost of $264,000 to the contractor Wildcat Construction and an an$16,730 to Aqua Tech Engineering for additional services related to extension of the line.