226 Engineer Day  -- Dec. 5, 2009


WHEREAS, three hundred and seventy-three years ago, the first settlers organized militia units to defend their homes and lives in Massachusetts Bay Colony and began the tradition of the citizen soldier; and
WHEREAS, a tradition began exemplified by the willingness of private citizens to leave their civilian occupations, don the uniform of their country, and serve their States and their Nation when the need arises; and
WHEREAS, Kansas National Guardsmen have served in every major conflict our nation has faced, from the Civil War through current operations in Iraq and Afghanistan; and
WHEREAS, The American Legion is the preeminent service organization for veterans of the United States armed forces, including active duty National Guard and Reserves and their families; and
WHEREAS, the Augusta 226 Engineer Company of the Kansas National Guard has proudly served our City, State, and Nation for many years;
NOW, THEREFORE, I KRISTEY WILLIAMS, MAYOR OF THE CITY OF AUGUSTA, KANSAS, do hereby proclaim Saturday, December 5, 2009, as

December 3, 2009