Every time I get pregnant an Overzealous Food Watchdog emerges from my otherwise laid-back husband. And sometimes it tires me. During my first two pregnancies he often questioned me about my eating during the day: Did I eat enough fruit? Did I eat too many sweets? Had I taken my pre-natal vitamin?

 Right now I think about food ALL DAY LONG. I wake up hungry, then eat breakfast, then feel okay, then feel nauseous, then ravenous, then must decide on something that is quick but healthy and filling so that I won’t feel too nauseous in thirty minutes from my body trying to digest overly-processed foods, then feel okay, then nauseous, then ravenous, and by this time it’s only 1 in the afternoon. A nasty cycle that goes on throughout the day, all while I’m still trying to parent my two blessings and keep the house under control. And since Baby Tres and my stomach have conspired against me and decided that sugar is no longer my friend, I barely get to eat sweet treats. Isn’t pregnancy when you get to indulge in sugar and call it a craving? Unfair.

Hubby knows all about my food problems. Most people who will listen to me complain know about my food problems. So my wise husband has decided that this time around he won’t ask me what I have eaten during the day. Good man.

 The new problem is with caffeine. While pregnant with G, I began weaning myself off pop, then while pregnant with Little Missy pop was no longer much of an issue, but about two years ago I began drinking coffee every day. So while Hubby no longer questions me on my food, he did ask me about my caffeine intake one night after he got home from work. The dredges of unrinsed coffee in the bottom of the coffee pot may have been the giveaway.

I tried to gently explain how some experts say five or more cups a day of coffee leads to a higher incidence of miscarriage, my doctor wants me to keep my intake to under three cups a day, so I barely drink a half cup a day, and all day long I’m drinking lots and lots of water to counteract the caffeine. But I worry my explanation may have come out more as “Lay off.”
 Hubby looked at me and said, “Erin, I’m just saying that I like the way our first two kids turned out, and I’d like to keep up production.”