Ewalt Elementary teacher, Brenda McCoskey invited her new friend, Nana Baffour to speak to the third grade students to tie in with their lessons on immigration and global social studies.

Baffour recently came to the U.S., married his wife, Amanda and will be employed as soon as the proper paperwork is completed.

He met his wife when she came to Ghana in West Africa as part of her medical training through the University of Kansas.

Baffour shared facts about Ghana with the students and also some insights into his life there.  He told them that all elementary students in Ghana learn English and he speaks several languages.

The students were given a glimpse into his country’s history as he talked about Ghana’s independence in 1957 and it’s first president, Kwame Nkrumah.

He told the students that in order to come to the U.S., he had to leave his mother and other family members knowing it may be a very long time before he sees them again.
Baffour explained that the people of Ghana take much pride in their colorful hand-woven  textiles. 

He brought samples of the materials to show the students.  One item, a Kente Cloth is a ceremonial cloth that is hand-woven on a loom. Kente cloth comes in various colors, sizes and designs and is worn during very important social and religious occasions.