Butler County is being asked to come together to support a long-time community member, Amboo Ploy.

Butler County is being asked to come together to support a long-time community member, Amboo Ploy.

A fundraiser is being held Saturday to benefit Ploy, who was recently diagnosed with cancer. There will be live bands from 3 p.m. to midnight at the Hot Rod Café. A $5 donation will be accepted at the door.

The evening will include a music jam, which begins at 4 p.m., food and soft drinks. Then at 7 p.m. there will be an auction. T-shirts also will be available that evening or can be ordered.

“We have many items of art and other types of items and services (all donated by the community),” said Randy Bell, who is organizing the event.

Bell got involved with the event after he received a call from Becky Bidwell, who suggested they do a party.

“I said ‘let’s do it,’” he said.
Several others are helping with the event as well, including David Ellis, Caroline Andrews and David Sundgren, who will be handling the auction,. Brenda Yarnall, with the Art Room, also is collecting art pieces for the auction. They are continuing to accept donations and anyone wishing to contribute can contact anyone involved with the fundraiser.

Bell said Ploy has always been active in the community, helping with fundraisers all over.

“Amboo is the one who does that,” he said. “In the community, he has always supported the arts. He will play music anywhere, anytime with anybody.

Ploy, who is legally blind, continues to produce art, not letting that slow him down. He also has suffered with diabetes. The fundraiser will help offset some of the medical costs since Ploy does not have insurance.

“It’s been wonderful,” Bell said of the help he has gotten with the fundraiser. “Nobody says no. It’s a good message this time of year.”

Ploy has participated in a number of community events, including Mayfest with bands and art at the Star Vu Drive-In, the Walnut River Festival, en plein air Art Fair, Coutts Museum of Art events, as well as a number of others, and he also had an art gallery downtown in the past.

Anyone wishing to send Ploy a card, can send it to 126 Poplar, El Dorado.