A severe outbreak of rabies had occurred in several south central Kansas counties including Butler County.
Boy Scouts delivered Christmas trees to all of the downtown merchants to place in front of the stores, per tradition.  
The Isis Theatre, the theatre that specialized in westerns each weekend was undergoing a face-life and owner D.A. Bisagno advised that the work  would take about three months to complete.

The Marauders, a newly organized youth auto club, sponsored a Thanksgiving dance for teenagers at the 4-H building.  The dress code indicated “no jeans allowed.”
AHS football boys and their fathers were guests at the 28th annual football banquet served by the mothers.
For three hours every Saturday morning through Christmas, the downtown merchants were feeding the parking meters to encourage shoppers.

Residents in Augusta were expressing a desire to establish a memorial fund for Pfc. Clint Pierce, who had recently been killed in South Vietnam.  Part of the fund would go to a flag pole at the new high school in memory of Clint.
Instead of the traditional parade, two Christmas song fests were planned along with four free movies for kids.  Sponsoring the “singspirations” would be the Augusta Council of Churches and the Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. James Clay was relocating from the 600 block of School to the North Star shopping center on north Ohio St.
Mike Stewart and Kevan Flaming were named as honorable mention to the Chisholm Trail All-Star football team.
The Augusta Department of Safety was using a dog belonging to the Cowley County Sheriff’s Department to sniff out marijuana at the Augusta Junior and Senior High Schools.

Bud Mauk motored down State St. during the Augusta Christmas For Our Children Parade in his custom three-wheeler.
The local Lions Club was assisting with renovation efforts at the historical C.N. James Cabin.
Jeremy Drake, 16 and a AHS junior, was selected to play for the Teams USA Select 18 and under soccer team.

Lois and Burl Allison, Jr. were preparing to celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary.  A party was  to be held at 531 Osage, the old Methodist parsonage, where the couple married.
Lee Frye of the Ignite Augusta committee and county commissioner Neal Parrish were part of the holiday pre-lighting ceremony at Garvin Park.  The Ignite Augusta Winter Wonderland had drawn thousands of visitors to the community.