A.J. Hefel presents timeline from 2007-2009

A.J. Hefel of the Augusta Airport Advisory Board recently addressed the Augusta City Council about his concerns over the advisory board’s role and operations at the municipal airport, west of the city.
He presented a timeline from January of 2007 where airport improvement recommendations were presented to May 4 of this year when he suggested the city take more time and consult with the advisory board on the lease proposal of what he described as a “non-aviation entity.” He suggested the city may have jeopardized future Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) grants by approving the lease.
Hefel made his remarks during the visitors portion of the Council’s agenda. Remarks by visitors are limited to five minutes if the item is “not specifically listed on the agenda.”
Mayor Kristey Williams thanked him for his comments and said city staff has been trying hard to comply with FAA rules and regulations before she moved on to another agenda item.
Before adjournment, Hefel was ask to comment on a proposed airfoil art element for a new sign at Augusta Municipal Airport.
Hefel said he was in favor of a sign with significant letter size that it could be easily seen by passersby. The airfoil was non-essential, said Hefel. He also suggested eco-friendly lighting for the sign during nighttime hours.
Bids on the basic brick/concrete sign ranged from $7,000 to $16,400. Staff was instructed to speak with the low bidder about cost without the airfoil and a lighted letter display area.