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  • Malkin makes visit to?Butler County with Kobach

  • Kris Kobach is out spreading the word about his campaign for Kansas secretary of state.

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  • Kris Kobach is out spreading the word about his campaign for Kansas secretary of state.
    He made a stop in Andover last week, where he was joined by Michelle Malkin, Fox News contributor and New York Times best selling author, as part of a fundraiser for his campaign.
    Following refreshments, Kobach opened the presentation before introducing Malkin.
    He talked a bit about his campaign and some things being seen in the country since President Obama took office, including that the deficit has more than tripled and the automobile industry is now partially nationalized.
    “I can sum up my reason for running in one word – ACORN,” he said. “ACORN is a criminal enterprise.”
    He said they have been convicted or are under prosecution in more than a dozen states.
    He also pointed out that Obama litigated on behalf of ACORN when he first got out of college, although he now claims to have no connection to them.
    Kobach also said just because their federal funds were taken away, that doesn’t mean people can stop worrying about ACORN, because most of their funds are private.
    “It is critical voter fraud be dealt with and prevented in America,” he said. “The stakes are too high.
    “It is more than an election lost; it is a disenfranchise of our voter rights.”
    He said voter fraud is not just ACORN though, that it has been perpetrated by a lot of groups.
    “We have to get serious about prosecuting voter fraud,” he said.
    That is what Kobach is currently working to do and plans to continue doing if elected.
    There are several steps he wants to take to do this.
    One was that more often than not cases are not prosecuted. He would like to see the secretary of state prepare the information for prosecution and help the county attorneys involved in the prosecution of a case.
    A second step would be to have a statute requiring a photo ID when voting.
    Third, he wants to look at the voter rolls. Currently there are about 119,000 bad names in Kansas and each is an opportunity for voter fraud.
    The final step would be to have people prove citizenship when registering to vote.
    Currently, he said the system is based on trust, and he went on to quote Ronald Reagan, saying, “trust, but verify.”
    Once the Kansas model is in place, Kobach would like to take it to the other 49 states.
    Kobach currently litigates for cities against the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), defending those cities that enforce the laws of immigration.
    Kobach went on to introduce Malkin, who next took the stage.
    Page 2 of 3 - “Kris is a true patriot,” she said. “For too long, people in consulates abroad have handed out VISAs like Pez candy.
    “He embodies a combination of factors we need more of in this country.”
    She even mentioned his candidacy in her latest book, “Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks and Cronies.”
    “We need a Kris Kobach in every secretary of state office in this country,” she continued.
    She went on to talk about a current event, the shooting at Fort Hood in Texas earlier that day.
    “I can already tell the knee jerk reaction is saying it is not related to terrorists,” she said, adding that the shooter’s name was Nidal Malik Hasan.
    She said they saw the same reaction in other shootings, such as the 2002 LAX shooting.
    “We’re lectured over and over again not to tell the truth about what is going on in this country,” Malkin said.
    She has seen this even more over the last eight months, where those who speak out are labeled as racist.
    But she did have hope still.
    “One thing I have seen is you, the people, are pushing back and doing it on your own,” she said. “That is what has Obama in such a tizzy.
    “This is why we have seen such a violent reaction from the Democrat majority.”
    She said the Democrats likened those people to a violent mob.
    “I embrace the epitaphs they throw at us,” Malkin said. “I am the angry mob.”
    Those feelings led to her latest best seller.
    She said she hadn’t planned on writing her new book, but Obama forced her to with his actions.
    “Within the first month I saw every major campaign promise broken,” she said. “Finally, we are having buyer’s remorse.”
    She also pointed out how the mainstream media is active in white washing the corruption of Obama.
    “Rarely have these people (the major media) shed light on the political muscle Michelle Obama has shown,” she continued.
    “This is a book I wrote to help empower people. I believe too one person can make a difference. I believe too sunlight is the best disinfectant.”
    Malkin went on to talk about the recent tea parties in opposition to the vote on the health care bill.
    She said one of her favorite signs was in San Francisco, which stated, “put the constitution in the teleprompter Mr. President.”
    “You know there is real hope and change when there is a tea party in San Francisco,” she said, receiving applause from the audience.
    She also talked more about ACORN.
    Page 3 of 3 - “ACORN is a criminal enterprise,” she reiterated.
    She related one story of how the New York Times had been apprised of some of their goings-on, including an embezzlement scandal and internal auditing reports, but they cut the story a couple of weeks before the election because it “was a game changer and it wasn’t gong to rig the election against Obama.”
    She also talked about the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), quoting the president of that organization when he said, “we will use the power of persuasion, but when that doesn’t work we will use the persuasion of power.”
    “This has to change,” she said. “It is important to expose that use of power to intimidate.”
    She stated the importance of continuing to shed light on the ACLU and SEIU’s activity.
    “I think the best place for you to have an affect is your own back yard,” she told the group. “The best thing you can do for the future is protect kids from the culture of entitlement and the culture of victimhood. Don’t let them take freedom for granted.
    “We do live in the greatest country on God’s great Earth,” Malkin concluded. “Make sure we have this great country for our kids.”
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