Editor’s note: The following is information from Doug Bell about the El Dorado Broncos following the conclusion of their summer season:
I remember back in early spring of ’08, I called JD and told him I was through with my previous baseball venture that I'd been part of for several years.
He said, there's an open door for you with the Broncos.
It kinda shocked me and in May '08, I became the Broncos general manager and also coached.
We had some situations arise right before the ’08 season started to deal with, didn't have team chemistry, and fired a coach on the road.
After the season was over, I thought about how things were going to have to be different in ’09. So the journey and brainstorming began.
We did alot of different things this season and it turned out to be an incredible season.
Several people worked countless hours fundraising by working concessions at events at Wichita State, new marketing ideas were implemented, recruiting was done better, had alot of support from businesses and individuals, host families housing players, free admission to all our home games and the list goes on and on.
I have said several times that every person who has helped in any way, along with every business and organization that supports the Broncos are the team behind a team. With that kind of support, it makes it easier to bring the best summer collegiate baseball to El Dorado, Kan.
It showed this summer and we appreciate all of you very much and look forward to the 2010 season. Some other things the Broncos were involved with were the autograph signing at the YMCA, hosted the Educare kids' science field trip, balloon volleyball at Vintage Place with the clients, a mini-camp for the 8-year-old Driller team the evening before they went to a state tounament and an exhibition game with the Old Cowtown team.
It gets the players and coaches involved in the community and that's good to see happen.
We will look into more things like that next year that fit our schedule.  We're also looking for speaking engagements to do throughout the off season or anytime to spread the word about the Broncos.
We are always looking for host families and volunteers to help keep the Broncos going.
I hope everyone enjoyed themselves at the ballpark this year and hope to see them next season, heck, alot of them I see daily around town.
Doug Bell,
El Dorado