Dear Editor,
In advance I ask you to excuse my substandard use of grammar and my spelling, I have only an El Dorado education. For 22 years I have lived in this town, with the exception of four of them that I spent abroad while serving honorably in the United States Navy. But for 22 years I have seen nothing but businesses come and go, rise and falter, move into open buildings just to be moved out just as quick.
In my lifetime this town has had nothing that a normal human being would call entertainment! We at least a half dozen each of car washes, gas stations, and liquor stores and still no decent place to take a significant other out to dinner, unless your up to date on your espanol. 
I beg to ask, when will the so called "bible thumpers" in this town/county bring in an environment for a little late night loitering.... Something to take the stress out of the everyday grind....The lord says the seventh day ought to be for rest and I cant even do that in this town without going down to the courthouse and obtaining a permit and paying a fee....
God Bless the USA
Brian Ewart,
El Dorado