I admire Mr. Bob Johnson for his ability to take abuse without breaking or retaliating.
I read with interest Jerry Johnson’s article in the 16 July El Dorado Times. Ron Howard has since suggested that these comments were inaccurate and out of context. This is a common phrase but is a hollow simplistic criticism and if some specific evidence is not provided then it has no merit.
I guess the term “Scrapper” is offensive to him but what’s that got to do with Mr. Bob Johnson? The company by any name still destroyed his property as directed by the county officials.
I might also note that the fact is that zoning includes agricultural, residential and commercial it’s not commercial, industrial and residential. You forgot the most important part for Bob’s case.
Mr. Bob Johnson’s land has been agricultural since 1860. The county’s own tax rolls classes it as agricultural.
AG Opinion 1996-086 shows, the zoning exemption and tax classification analysis are related in that the tax classification in fact provides the zoning exemption. Do you believe the county has authority to come on agricultural land and pick and choose what items seem non agricultural to them and class them as nuisances needing destroyed. Just one example Bob’s chain link fence material they said it was city fence and not for farm use and besides that he had too much (more than for a 50x100 lot I suppose) and it had to go. I’m still wondering why they classed his hay baler and swather as a nuisance. Maybe he had worn the paint off of them and the county thought they were worthless. Can anyone tell me what County Health Hazard could be created by having too much chain link fence on the farm?  There is no sanitation code violation here and if there were the state law is that the sanitation code does not apply to over 10 acres. If it did we would be required to clean our cow sheds each week and haul the material to the dump. Stupid!
Can you believe this? You can’t make this kind of stuff up.
Agricultural land’s tax classification is what provides the exemption from the “Subdivision regulations.” The county’s own document states that “All lands used for agricultural purposes as defined in these regulations. (Over 10 acres) are and shall be exempt from the restrictions and limitations of these regulations. And no administrative interpretation shall be made that results in any restriction of stipulation.”
Back in 1999 someone must have been concerned that a less scrupulous Commission might do just what they did to Bob.
AG opinion 1996-086 states. Moreover, zoning regulations and their exceptions are liberally construed in favor of the property owner. I don’t believe that happened in Bob’s case.
Mr. Bob Johnson’s property has been agricultural since the 1860s. He has raised cattle, hogs, chickens, rabbits and harvested hay, all clearly agricultural use of the land
And about the house the county destroyed. The original owners of the house knew it was too good to be destroyed so Bob moved it to his homestead.
I might mention here if it were as structurally bad as the county would like you to believe it would have not survived the move.
The county could only show cosmetic damage, plaster falling off the ceiling. Don’t you think if structural damage had in fact existed it would have been shown?
The house was last appraised by the county at nearly $80,000 that would require $41,000 in repairs to allow it to be destroyed. Refer to KSA 19-2921. $41,000 would buy a lot of plaster for the ceilings.
The county’s pathetic effort to justify the house’s destruction will not be accepted by a Federal jury.
Mr. Bob Johnson was sent to jail to motivate him to work faster. (Kind of akin to the beatings will continue till the morale improves.)
So why was Bob sent to jail for 28 days? Jerry is right to wonder how this could happen.
And Ron, for a person who knows all the facts, how did you not see the “County being sued”? Article in the Times 19 June 2009? And about due process the Constitution provides for us the right of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Bob’s pursuit of happiness came to an end when the county chooses him to have his homestead leveled and hauled to the dump. That’s why the commissioners are facing federal charges in Federal Court.
 No local good old boy system to protect them from accountability!
You realize the Commissioners swear with their hand on the bible and under the penalties of perjury to uphold the laws of the state of Kansas and the Constitution...
The outcome here should be interesting to say the least
Let’s talk about the term clean-up. The term the county likes to use, sounds like Servpro which comes out and restore you place to like new condition after a fire or flood.
Savage was not a clean-up company it was a destruction company which at the will of the County Commissioners destroyed Bob’s buildings and house with many personal items still in them.
I must say that Savage did conduct themselves in a very professional manner even to the extent of some workers were sympathetic to Bob’s plight in all of this.
Mr. Bob Johnson attended officer’s candidate school and became an army officer. Bob’s a veteran and for the sacrifices he made to serve this country he deserves much better treatment than this. The county cut their teeth on Mrs. Squires and old woman living near 96 Highway she probably did in fact live in a subdivision.However this action against Mr. Bob Johnson is the first time they have expanded this activity into the agricultural community. If we don’t stop this here heaven help the family farm.
I call this malfeasance on steroids. If you are also sympathetic to Bob’s treatment at the hands of our elected officials and wish to help eliminate these kinds of abuses of our fellow citizens and veterans contact hcooper@pixius.net.
I close this with the following thought of our Founding Father and 2nd U.S. President John Adams:
“The moment the idea is admitted into society, that property is not as sacred as the laws of God, and that there is not a force of law and public justice to protect it. Anarchy and tyranny commence.” 
You be the judge Butler County residents. These elected officials claim to represent you, the will of the people.  Is this kind of activity your will?

Harold Cooper,
El Dorado