The Orioles scrimmage at Hillier Stadium tonight in the team's first game-situation action. The scrimmage starts at 7 p.m. and is preceded by the middle school football team's scrimmage, which begins at 6 p.m.


Black and?Orange night is here.

The Augusta football team gets its chance for that Friday night lights feel.

“This is as close to game scenario as you can get. A little different atmosphere going into the stadium for the first time, under the lights,” coach Steve?Pazzie said. “The kids get a little more jacked up, too.”

The high school scrimmage will begin at 7 p.m. The Augusta High Booster Club will be serving watermelon at the scrimmage for fans and players.

The coaches usually like to split up and have a draft to even out the teams, but this year’s scrimmage is going to be treated more like a practice.

“At this point, we just don’t feel like we’re really far enough along to split up,”?Pazzie said. “We’re going to keep our units somewhat where we think our depth is.”

The?Orioles will mix in some special teams, but the offense will start at the 30 yard line and work on sustaining a drive. They’ll have a down-to-go situation, and if the drive stalls and they can’t get a first down, the Orioles will start back at the 30 for the next series. Pazzie said he’ll give the first-unit offense about three series and hopefully get in about 50 plays overall, which is about the average amount in a game.

Pazzie said there are a lot positions still in the air, and the scrimmage will help sort it out.

“We need to spend more time with our running game,”?Pazzie said. “...We’re still working to get our blocking schemes worked out, still coordinate our offensive line.

“The timing in our passing game, we want to continue to get better at that,”?Pazzie said.

Pazzie said the coaches will give everyone an opportunity to play, so there will be a lot of mixing up the lineup and players on both sides of the ball throughout the night.

The Orioles’ season begins Sept. 4 at home against Riley County. The “Greatest Show on Turf”?tailgate event begins at 5 p.m. at Hillier Stadium before that game at 7.