The El Dorado City Commission received an update on Mid-Cap during their last meeting.

The El Dorado City Commission received an update on Mid-Cap during their last meeting.

Marion Nichols, the community service and housing director for Mid-Cap, shared information about the plan for 2010.

"Mid-Cap has a 42-year history of helping people and changing lives," she said. "The agency is dedicated to helping people as we move from poverty to self-sufficiency."

This year, the organization received additional money for emergency services that they will use in all 13 of the counties they cover. The funding is for those who are actively seeking employment or people underemployed. About $60,000 will be used throughout the 13 counties.

They also will be able to enlarge their case management program to include people unemployed and underemployed.

"The things we normally do with case management in addition to providing support services is to help with transportation issues and child care issues," Nichols said.

They also help with job searches and resumes.

In addition, Mid-Cap has received funds for emergency dental care.

"Mid-Cap and United Way of El Dorado have had an emergency dental program in El Dorado for a number of years," she said.

Here they received an additional $60,000, with about $10,000 going to Butler County.
"We will be able to serve more people who have dental health issues and have no kind of insurance," she said.

They also will be continuing their program with the IRS to provide free income tax service and to do earned income tax credit counseling and regular asset development counseling while they are doing taxes.

Last year, they provided help to 1,106 families with tax returns in the 11 counties.

An upcoming program includes a transitional housing program, which they will begin in the next few months.

"We will help 16 homeless families find housing," Nichols said. "We have found out in our homeless the most rapidly increasing group is homeless families with children who are employed but unable to afford housing."

Butler County will have six families and one individual served with this program.

They also will continue to do referral services for emergency repair, do home weatherization programs, give referrals to other resources, be involved in local coalitions and provide Head Start services.

"Our community service outreach coordinator is available 40 hours a week," Nichols said.

While the coordinator has been spending all of her time in the Augusta office so far since she is new, in September she will begin coming back to the First Presbyterian Church two days a week and spend the other three in Augusta.

Nichols said in 2010, she would like to come in and talk with the city about some possible partnerships for 2011.