Douglass resident will be turning 105 on Aug. 17

Do you have to be a biker to be a member of the area women’s motorcycle club? Not necessarily.
Marjorie Bare of Douglass has never ridden a motorcycle and at age 104, she says, “It’s too late for that.”
But  Marjorie now has the distinction of being the “first ever” honorary member of the all-women’s Krome Kitty Motorcycle Club.
The Wichita club takes a monthly road trip using an alphabet touring system. This month’s outing was to a “D” community.
“Imagine what Marjorie’s friends must have been thinking when 20 motorcycles rumbled into town on a quiet Sunday morning just to pay her a visit,” said Libby Beckman of the Krome Kitty club.
Why would a motorcycle club would select a non-rider to receive this honor?
“Marjorie has lived a life of independence and strength, qualities which are deeply respected by the Krome Kitties.
“Marjorie received us with gracious hospitality and it was our privilege indeed, to listen to her recall memories of her travels and stories of her family.
She remembers her grandfather saying that out of all of his children ‘There wasn’t a scallywag amongst them!’
“We learned that Marjorie enjoyed a long and rewarding career teaching at the elementary school level in various Kansas towns,” said Beckman.
Marjorie continues to be an avid reader.  She admits that she doesn’t watch much television these days.
When asked why, she said, “Well, I’ve outlived all of my favorite programs!”
She added it seems like they all have such stringy hair!
Bad hair days are not a worry for Marjorie, who enjoys the luxury of a “personal” hairdresser who dropped by that Sunday morning to refresh her do!
“Marjorie graciously posed for many group pictures with the gals from Krome Kitty and asked that we each sign her guest book,” adds Beckman.
“We bid Marjorie our fondest farewell with a serenade of ‘Happy Birthday.’ Thanks Marjorie for leading the way for women to become who they are today.”

- - -

Marjorie Bare of Douglass would love to receive cards on or before her Aug. 17 birthday. She will be 105 on that day. Her mailing address is 208 Ash, Douglass, KS, 67039.