To the Gazette:

I just recently had the opportunity to read the piece about “de-baptism.” 

I am someone that has lived in Augusta for several years and yet have been unable to go to church.  Not because I choose not to, but because I can’t find a church that will have me. 

I am not just a spiritual person, but a Christian. I prefer a church that teaches the Word of God and not a certain faith, however, I have not found either.  I have called almost all of Augusta’s churches.  I quit calling.

The thing that keeps me out of church is 1) Due to some disabilities, I am unable to drive and there is no public transportation in Augusta on weekends. 2) I have a grandson that stays most weekends with me and he has Downs Syndrome.  I am never told that they can give me a ride and I am always asked if my grandson will misbehave or cause a problem.  My answer is always “yes, he behaves and no, he won’t cause a problem.  And no, I do not want to go to your church!”

I know in my heart that when my grandson and I say our prayers that he has a direct line to God.

If some of Augusta’s churches do not change their way of thinking, then maybe some of their members need to come and pray with us!

We would never turn anyone away and we would always ask others to get them here!  We can all be good stay-at-home Christians.  Sometimes better.

Sherry Dixon