This dog replaces one that died, fundrasing underway for second canine officer

City Council members were introduced to the newest member of the Andover Police?Department Tuesday night by Police Chief Mike Keller.
It’s a four-legged officer named Jowi (pronounced Joey). Jowi, a 2-year-old German Shepherd, joined the department in mid-July from the Hill Country Dog Center in Texas. The canine officer has received a clean bill of health from area veterinarian Doug Nielsen.
Jowi is partnered with Officer Mark Werbin. The dog has some basic obedience training and will be bonding with and receiving patrol dog training through the efforts of Officer Werbin over the next eight weeks. They are also enrolled in patrol dog/drug search school with the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office.
Chief Keller said Jowi will be used by the department for searching, tracking, and drug detection.
The Council was pleased to see a replacement for a former department canine who died. Mayor Ben Lawrence reported he is involved with fundraising for a second dog.
 Council members looked at a two-year-old concept sketch of how a future City Hall might be placed in Central Park Tuesday night before agreeing to an update proposal.
Rice-Foster Associates will work with city boards and officials as it defines the master plan for future Central Park improvements.
The Council earmarked up to $10,000 for this work.
Comments about some day establishing an outdoor ampitheatre and plaza were made during discussion. Funding was also discussed.
Also receiving Council approval was a $12.675 bid from Turnkey Construction to establish a welcome to Andover monument on West Central.
- - -
To remain incentive competitive in the arena of building and subdivision development, the Council okayed 20-year utility and paving specials (up from 15 years) on three requests. Those requests came from developers of the Crescent Lakes Fifth Addition, Prairie?Creek Addition, and the Village at Flint Hills National.
City Councilwoman Julie Reams was named as Council liaison to the Andover Convention & Visitors Bureau. This mayoral appointment was made within the Consent Agenda approved by the governing body.
Later, Reams reminded her fellow Council members of next Tuesday’s Night Out activities in the 13th Street Park. The event for individuals and families will be from 6 to 8:30 p.m.
Before adjournment, all members of the Council complimented staff for an informative budget workshop held Monday at the lodge in Central Park.
City Administrator Sasha Stiles reminded the Council the public hearing for the 2010 budget will be in conjunction with the?Council’s Aug. 11 meeting.