St. James (Blue) 21, First Baptist (No. 1) 6

St. James   541 56 - 21 20 4

First Baptist   122 01 -   6   8 7


Only one team had stopped the St. James (Blue) softball team in the Augusta Church League all season.

But even that team, First Baptist No. 1, could not do anything to stand in the way this time around.

St. James beat First Baptist in a 21-6 rout Friday evening to claim its second straight Augusta Church League softball tournament championship. St. James had the best record at the end of the regular season, with its only loss against the same First Baptist team on June 6.

St. James got off to a fast start. Andy Hall and Nick Huelskamp had two of the team’s five hits in the first inning that led to five runs. First Baptist only scored one run on one hit in the bottom of the inning, and that was all St. James needed.

St. James added four hits in the second and fourth innings and totaled 20 hits for the game. 

First Baptist, which had won three straight games Thursday to even get in the final, did not have four of its best players from that run in the championship game, and it showed. The team made seven errors, four in one inning, and only mustered eight hits. 

St.?James made four errors of its own, the most it had in the tournament. 

In the fifth inning, St.?James scored six runs, extending the lead to 21-5. First Baptist couldn’t score the necessary two runs to extend the game as the run rule came into effect.