Several youth took part in a new event at the 25th annual and final Prairie Port Festival.

Several youth took part in a new event at the 25th annual and final Prairie Port Festival.

The BBQ competition, which is in its second year, added a Kids Q BBQ competition Friday evening.

Youth were judged on appearance, taste and texture of the item they created out of the pound of hamburger they each had, provided by Satchell Creek Steaks.

After hearing the rules and being given their hamburger, the youth headed out to prepare their grills and start mixing in their secret ingredients.

A common food prepared was hamburgers, with some making cheeseburgers and another variation making a Hawaiian hamburger.

Jacob and Danielle Kleindl were among the contestants.

Jacob said he was just making a "regular old hamburger," while his sister was preparing a cheeseburger for the judges, each with some secret ingredients of course.

Jacob and Jordan Beehler also were competing.

"Because I like to cook things with mom," Jacob said of why he entered the competition.

He had been practicing for this competition at home and also did a competition in Anthony.
"I love to cook," Jordan said.

He was preparing a Hawaiian cheeseburger.

"I'm usually helping when mom's cooking," he said.
Collin McGee also was competing.

He saw all of his father's ribbons and trophies at home and had wanted to try to earn some for himself.
Not everyone was making hamburgers though.

El Dorado's own Gage Reynolds was creating a pizza out of his ingredients.

"It was simple and easy clean up," he said of why he chose to make a pizza.
Reynolds enjoys cooking.

"People enjoy eating and it makes them happy, so it's a sense of making them happy," he said of what he liked about cooking most.

In addition, his grandfather, Steve Reynolds, was in charge of the competition.

"My family does a lot of this, so I just thought I'd try it for something to do," he said.
Chris Windle also was from El Dorado.

He was making hamburgers for his dish as well.

"We like grilling," he said of his family. "At our house, our main thing is steak."

In addition to the youth, there were 28 adult teams, composed of 120 team members, taking part in the BBQ competition this year, with prizes awarded to the adults and youth Saturday afternoon.

A number of other events also filled the weekend's activities for this year's Prairie Port.

A large crowd enjoyed a performance by Andy Griggs Friday evening at the lake. During the intermission of the concert, original Prairie Port committee members, who are also still involved in the festival, Jim Phillips, Zeke Reed and David Greene were recognized for their dedication and hard work to the festival over the years. Each were presented with a gift acknowledging their work.

"We want to thank anyone who has had anything to do with the festival over the years," Phillips said.

He said it was due to the work of hundreds of volunteers that the festival has been successful.

The events continued Saturday and Sunday, despite a little rain Saturday, with the parade, fishing derby, dog costume contest, arts and crafts, mud bog and more.