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  • Gingrich tries to shift rhetoric on Sotomayor

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  • I really like Newt Gingrich.
    He is an incredibly intelligent man who is also a great leader.
    He changed the face of American politics with his Contract with America in 1994. The Contract with America led to Gingrich becoming Speaker of the house after a huge shift to the Republican Party in the first Congressional election during Bill Clinton's presidency.
    He has a passion for history and is the author of several books that bring historical events to life in a profound way.
    His book "Rediscovering God in America" recalls the position of faith in America's history and also her future.
    Gingrich has struggled with his personal life in three marriages and has a tendency to be a very polarizing figure, but he is usually on target with his comments.
    Sonia Sotomayor seems to be his Achille's heel.
    Since her appointment by President Barack Obama, Gingrich has failed to make sagacious comments.
    All of the political capital he had amassed has been flung on the trash heap.
    His opposition to Sotomayor is not surprising. He watched as his party's candidates such as Robert Bork were ravaged by unfair claims.
    But turnabout isn't fair play. It is equally unfair play. There are no winners.
    Gingrich began his criticism of Sotomayor by calling her a racist because of a statement she made eight years ago that a Latina woman, because of her life experience, would make a better decision than a white male who had not enjoyed that experience.
    He attempted to rescind that comment during more recent television appearances, but he could only say that her comments were "racialist" but he could not call her a racist because he doesn't know her personally.
    He didn't exactly rescind the comment. He should have.
    But the comments destined to doom his resurgence came after the Supreme Court candidate broke her ankle at a New York airport.
    Rush Limbaugh joked about Sotomayor's injury when he wondered aloud if a white male would have broken his ankle in the same way she did. I think that comment was inbounds and it was obviously sarcasm.
    Gingrich went a different direction and there is no indication that he was trying out his act for a show at the Looney Bin.
    "She's only wearing that fake cast to help her rack up votes," Gingrich said in a quote attributed to him in an article by Andy Borowitz on the Huffington Post web site. "The minute she's confirmed, she'll whip it off and start dancing a jig."
    According to Borowitz's story, Gingrich went on to say "The fake-ankle-cast thing is the oldest trick in the book."
    His comments are so ridiculous, one can only hope that if Gingrich really said it, he said it in jest.
    Page 2 of 2 - Unfortunately, the comments are not being reported as a failed attempt at humor.
    Could Gingrich have really derailed his campaign for the 2012 GOP nomination in June of 2009?
    Time will tell.

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