In a season more suited to severe thunderstorms and tornadoes, Augusta was blasted over the weekend by a winter storm.
After nearly 24 hours of icy sleet beginning on Friday, Augusta was smacked by a Saturday morning blizzard. The ice and snow in this community amounted to an estimated six inches.
Canopies at two downtown sites fell due to the weight of snow and ice. Those canopies were at Pigeon’s Roost antique mall, 601 State, and the Augusta Arts Centre, 527 State.
Tree limbs and branches were brought down by the ice-wind-snow combination.
Wind blowing ice-laden power lines caused electrical disruptions around the community and in areas outside of Augusta.
The unusual spring snowstorm was frightening for many because of the power outages and tree damage, but delightful for others who took to sliding down local hillsides and building snowmen.
The storm in rural areas outside Augusta caused power lines and utility poles to fall and left many without power through Sunday and Monday.
More than half of the counties in Kansas (62) have been designated as disaster areas because of the winter storm.
City workers as well as county and state crews had major roadways bladed Saturday, but locally neighborhood side streets were snow-covered. Plowing on Sunday and thawing from increasing sunlight made most community streets passable.
Working in shifts, the crews combated and cleared snow throughout the weekend.
City workers and independent plows cleared many streets, parking lots, and driveways Saturday.
Icy trees and bushes throughout Augusta were glistening in Sunday morning sunlight.
After Saturday morning’s winter blizzard conditions, some thawing began late Saturday afternoon.
City workers and independent plows cleared many streets, parking lots, and driveways Saturday.
Many adult and youth took to sliding along Saturday afternoon on the slope behind Augusta Middle School.
A second downtown canopy went down through the weight of snow and ice on Saturday. This was at the?Augusta Arts Centre, adjacent to the Augusta Theatre. The canopy at Pigeon’s Roost Mall for antiques collapsed earlier during the Friday-Saturday storm.