Monday afternoon accident on SW 110th Street

An Augusta man apparently escaped serious injury when he rolled a white Z24 automobile in the 9100 block of SW 110th Street (Harry St.) Monday afternoon.

The driver, Brian Romero, was taken to St .Francis Medical Center in Wichita in code yellow status (minor injuries) by Butler County Medical Services ambulance.

Law enforcement officers responded around 3:30 p.m. to the accident scene. A witness said the man kicked out the driver side window and exited the car showing some signs of shock and disorientation.

Augusta's Rescue Unit was dispatched to the scene worked by sheriff's officers and troopers of the Kansas Highway Patrol. Firefigters searched for a way to disconnect electrical power in the overturned vehicle.

The eastbound Romero apparently lost control on the gravel road after topping a hill, struck a driveway mailbox, went into a ditch,  back onto Harry St., and overturned.