In Augusta, there are many organizations whose efforts overlap.

The Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Augusta Inc., the Convention and Tourism Bureau and even the City Council each perform the task of economic development in some form or fashion.

For almost 15 years, another Augusta group dedicated to economic expansion lay dormant. They had money in the bank. But they didn't have much beyond that.
Augusta Progress Inc. was reinvigorated a little over a year ago and rejoined the line-up of groups trying to move the city forward.

Are there too many groups doing the same thing? The impact could be made with fewer groups to be sure.

But when each has a function and operates cooperatively within a focused framework, the "many hands makes lighter work" effect is realized.

The difference between diversity and disarray is results.

API has barely celebrated its first anniversary of its rebirth, and the group has already begun marketing programs, commissioned an economic development study, and just this week, secured more than $150,000 in state funds for low interest loans to growing, beginning or relocating businesses in the city.

There is a diversity of effort trying to help expand Augusta's economy. If each group has the success that API has since it emerged from its hibernation, the city's future is bright.

Election Eve Extra

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