To The Gazette

My opponent, has made a number of claims that don't hold up.

It is not a "smear" to quote from the public records.

Courthouse records show that Ty Masterson still has several open cases in Butler County; he is being sued for over $100,000. These are the facts. The public records also show that he used his status as a state legislator to delay going to court; he now doesn't have to appear until after the election. The quotes he provided in his letter don't come from the people involved in the lawsuits and do not have any bearing on his outstanding debts.

Ty claims he tried to "explain the whole situation." The truth is this: Ty has never called my campaign phone. He has never emailed me. He did, however, call my classroom where I was busy with a room full of students. Ty called at a time and place where he knew I couldn't talk, and where he knows it is entirely inappropriate to have that conversation. Ty then proceeded to call my employer. That's right, he went to my boss. These were not attempts at communication. This is intimidation.

I have a question for Ty. Who is this fraudulent employee you keep blaming? Why hasn't there been a criminal prosecution in Kansas? Why doesn't everyone in this district know his name? If he is out there committing crimes, he needs to be dealt with. Ty, why haven't you sued him to recoup your losses?

Irresponsible behavior and intimidation have no place in Kansas politics.

Ty voted against our public schools, against our community college, and against health-care for our children of low-income families. He then tried to double his own legislative pay.

Those votes don't represent me or my neighbors. If they don't represent you either, please make the right choice on Nov. 4.

I will work my hardest to be an excellent senator, and I pledge to be a statesman for our district. Each decision will be weighed based on how it affects the people and businesses.

Whomever you choose for senate will be dealing with your tax dollars-hundreds of millions of dollars. This is an enormous responsibility, and voters deserve to know what the public records say.
Peter DeVries
Candidate for
State Senate