To The Gazette,

If a man has a questionable character, which is essentially the nucleus of substance, what does it matter if such a man talks about issues of substance?

Can anything he says be trusted??

Shouldn’t a solid unquestionable character, therefore, be the principal qualification for the highest office in the land?

For surely, what does a candidate’s tax plan, or defense strategy, or foreign policy even matter, if such a candidate’s character is in doubt?

Questioning a candidate’s character is not a “personal attack” as some have charged, but rather the most effective “insurance measure” that can be taken to protect the American people and our way of life.

Truly, it is the most important virtue of any candidate’s qualification. For character, alone, is the greatest indicator of how one will perform, once in office.

And one of the best ways to measure character, as even children know, is by taking a close look at the company one keeps.

Food for thought on election day.

James E. Sullivan