A reception was held yesterday afternoon at the library in honor of Faye Teegarden and her years of working in the library’s Children’s Department.

Faye has decided to spend more time with her family, but plans to continue being active in her  other clubs and social organizations.

“I’ll miss the kids the most.  They are so spontaneous -- you can’t be down in the dumps with kids around,” the former Augusta teacher and librarian continued, “This place is just wonderful and it’s hard to believe that a lot of people don’t take advantage of our library.”

Friends, family and several former students of Faye’s stopped by to wish her well and to say ‘thank  you’ for her legacy of lifelong learning and caring for the minds of Augusta’s youth.

But she's not done with the library. She plans to come back to volunteer and to read to the children.

“I’ll drop by once in a while to see everyone,” her eyes swelled with tears when she added, “I love kids.  They just have a way of getting to you.”