City, County examine each issue

Augusta city planners  okayed a change in classification Monday from industrial to commercial to allow rental of large equipment at The Shop, Second & Walnut.
That zoning change is now headed to the Augusta City Council.
In other business, the planning board approved a conditional use permit for the Catholic Diocese of Wichita to expand Calvary Cemetey, northeast of Augusta.
Butler County Planning & Zoning Director Rod Compton appeared before county commissioners in mid-April on both of the above items.
Alan Cokely, owner of The Shop, requested a zoning change to commercial.
The property at 139 SW Highway 77 in Augusta (Second & Walnut) falls within the gradient portion of the growth area of the City of Augusta.  The Butler County Comprehensive Plan policy is to adhere to the appropriate city’s comprehensive plan for basic land use guidance.
Compton said the proposed zoning classification  would conform to the County’s comprehensive plan.
County commissioners endorsed the change.
Compton also spoke to the commissioners about an application and request by Catholic Diocese of Wichita for a conditional use permit to expand an existing cemetery on property that is presently zoned R-6C. 
The Catholic Diocese of Wichita owns two separate parcels of property on SW 85th St. (Belmont St. in Augusta) that comprise approximately 20.5 acres mile east of Ohio St. on the south side of SW 85th St. 
He said the use as proposed would also conform with the County’s comprehensive plan.
It was approved.