To the Editor,

Build it and they will come!   A saying that has been around for generations.  In the case of our schools, like it or not, their appearance will have an immediate impact on families looking at Augusta as a town to settle in and raise a family.   What a shame it would be if many of the improvements to our city take place, as is the hopes of Vision Augusta, but yet our schools are left behind. 

Are the improvements stated in the bond proposal the best we can do for our 48 million dollars?  Maybe, maybe not.  I believe there were ample opportunities to provide input into what each of us would like to see accomplished.  If you attended one or more of these meetings and voiced your opinion, hats off to you.   It’s awfully easy to sit back and question the final decisions put forth by the governing body.  

The flood of 1998 left us with many displaced families, abandoned and condemned homes and businesses that had to start over.  We are just now starting to recover from that disaster 10 years later.  Our enrollment at the elementary levels is showing this and as this population continues on into middle and high school, more space will be needed. 

My house shows signs of wear and tear with four of us living in it for the past 15 years. 

Can you imagine what six buildings have gone through for decades with over 2,000 people attending daily? 

Your dollar will buy fewer bricks every year we put off the inevitable.

Steve Pazzie