Training sessions will begin in May

The Butler County Department on Aging is very excited to offer a new program to persons with arthritis.  Pat Houchin received training in March and will offer the program at the Augusta Safety Building in May.
The classes are a set of six-week, two hour classes. Participants will learn to say “know” to arthritis pain.   The informal, small group setting allows participants to seek answers to the issues that concern them most.  They learn joint protection, the importance of exercise and nutrition, to take medications properly, and to communicate better with their physicians.  Each class offers tips and techniques that can be used right away to better manage arthritis. 
One research study showed that individuals who attended the six-week program reduced their pain by 20 percent while reducing doctor visits by 40 percent. Other studies had documented increases in self-management abilities and communication with physicians.
Class size is limited.  The first class starts at 2 p.m. May 21, The registration is $20, which includes the Arthritis Self Help Book from the Arthritis Foundation. Financial aid is available. A spouse, friend, or adult child may accompany the participant, for free.
 Contact Pat at the Butler County Department on Aging:  1-800-279-3655 or 775-0500. Let us know if you are interested in an evening class in the fall.  Also, we can mail you a brochure to show family and friends.
We have newly bound copies of our publication Butler County Resource Directory for Older Adults. This is a local product and is updated every year for current resources in Butler County.  It contains, as the title suggests, a directory list of county resources for persons needing local help with senior situation.  It lists support groups and counseling services. The publication also lists senior centers and volunteer opportunities. 
Contact the DOA at 510 E Augusta Ave., in Augusta, or call 775-0500.