To the Gazette:

This letter is in repsonse to Mrs. Christner, principal of Garfield Elementary School.

A wonderful well-written and well-spoken letter. All three of my children have attended Garfield and the third is still there.

That Garfield is in need of updating is an understatement. Yes, the teachers and administration have done a remarkable job with the students - imagine what could be accomplished in a building with proper electrical wiring, enough classrooms, accomodations for those that are disabled or handicapped, and no worries about flooding or sewer issues.

My children will not benefit from any improvements made to Garfield. My third child will be in middle school long before a new Garfield is completed. I intend to vote for the bond any way. Others deserve an opportunity for their children to have safe and accessible school facilities. The teachers deserve to have safe and accessible school facilities.

There are individuals in the community that may not be able to enjoy their children and grandchildren's activities at school due to the lack of accessibility of the building. Heck - if you're much bigger than a grade school student you cannot even stand in the lunch line!

Our schools are supposed to be inclusive - not exclusive. I moved to Augusta and purchased a house because of the "small" town atmosphere and the small class sizes and wonderful teachers. I am here to stay. I would like others to migrate to Augusta as well. Schools are a big part of people's migration to any town.

Even people without children can find activities to participate in that are centered around the school.

My taxes are going to continue to rise whether the bond issue passes or not. I would like to have some small say in where my taxes are going. I have asked many questions about this bond issue and am fairly satisfied that the work will be done well and correctly this time.

Mr. Lentz has proved himself to be a responsible and reputable Superintendent of Schools. I truly believe that there will be an acutal maintenance plan for these buildings once built.

I thank the growth committee for their work and the time they invested in Augusta and our young people.

I would also like to thank the teaching staff for doing what they do in an environment that may be less than adequate.

 We are truly a fortunate community.

Michele Spainhower