Application submitted for funds to help light Brown Park

Need help to light the night? Call on Hamburger Helper.
That’s what Sue Hoefgen has done in an effort to obtain lighting for the westside Jim Brown Park, named for her father.
She has submitted an application for financial assistance with lighting through the My Hometown Helper program of the popular mix and cook hamburger dish.
Hoefgen hopes to hear back from the national program later this year.
Estimated cost is around $4,000.
Application highlights follow:
“Augusta has a population of nearly 9,000. We have four parks, and our City has been very progressive over the last few years in making improvements to each of them.
“However, one need that still exists is lighting at the Brown Park shelter and playground. Unfortunately, this park has been the site of vandalism and, during nighttime hours, has been the gathering spot of hooligans who then create disturbances or problems in the neighborhoods nearby.
“A new lighting system will deter vandalism and promote safety for this area and the children. By installing lighting it would increase recreational opportunities and offer families of Augusta a safe atmosphere to gather for quality time such as family reunions, birthday parties, 4-H meetings, Girl/Boy Scout meetings, etc.
“Electrical work to light the shelter would need to be completed by a certified electrician, and based on a  quote - parts &?labor for that portion should cost $2,200.
“Other materials, including a pole with arms and lights, setting conduit, meter cans, copper wire and hooking up to a transformer would add $1,000 to the project.
“The City of Augusta’s Electric Distribution Department would make an in-kind donation of labor and equipment, including a digger truck, bucket truck, ditcher and two or three staff members.
The value of these in-kind services would be approximately $1,000. Thus, the total project budget is $4,200, with $1,000 coming from an in-kind donation, and $3,200 requested from Hamburger Helper’s My Hometown
“With your help, we would be lighting the way to a safer community,” she said.