You know the Pope and I have something in common. Astrologically, we are both Aries!

I’m mostly Irish but there is some Austrian blood in the family line on my mother’s side.
Pope Benedict has a German heritage.

There you have the European tie-in.

And, I wore a pointy hat in the first grade when I was called down for being “too talkative.”

All relatives on my father’s side were Irish Catholics.

And so there’s the religious connection - as faint as it might be here in 2008.

How much closer can we get?

The biggest difference is I don’t have Roman Numerals after my name. My family couldn’t afford them.
(P.S. I think he waved at me on one of the TV coverages of his visit. Didn’t he wave at you too?)
- - -
We pity the fools who have gasoline-powered lawnmowers, paraphrased from Mr. T by Mr. M.

I own one of ‘em, so that makes me one of the fools.

And just as soon as I use up my pre-purchased gasoline, I’m switching to my electric mower, a gift from my late father-in -law) until the pump price has a significant drop.