Council endorses fraud, computer use policies

Policies focusing on employee fraud and employee use of city-owned computers were reviewed and endorsed by the Augusta City Council Monday night.
The fraud policy identifies specific actions that would constitute fraud. It designates management as being responsible for detecting and preventing fraud, but it also states that all employees are responsible for reporting suspected fraud.
Councilman Mike Wallace wondered if a clause about the possibility of criminal charges should be inserted somewhere in the policy.
City Attorney David All said that goes without saying  (andwithout such a statement in the policy) should someone violate the policy. He further said that could be a matter taken up by the county attorney and court system. “Such cases would not be tried in municipal court here,” said All.
In the computer matter, Councilman Wallace noted that access to “blogs” is not specifically addressed.
City Clerk Erica Jones said unauthorized personal use of a city computer for blogs could  be considerd a misue under the employee guidelines before the Council.
Both policy statements finish with wording that violations will lead to disciplinary action up and and including dismissal. Those actions will be determined by the direct supervisor and city manager based on serverity of the violation.
A third Council action Monday endorsed a record retention schedule sought by Clerk Jones so she and her staff know how long to keep certain records.
Repressentatives of the state attorney general’s office advised development of a record retention schedule during a recent session on the Kansas Open Records Act.
They suggested the schedule should be used as a tool to make sure that required documents are kept the appropriate amount of time and identify at what times ones that are not required may be destroyed.
The Council’s endorsement puts the city in compliance with state and federal recordkeeping policies.