8/4 Tips and Tricks http://www.butlercountytimesgazette.com/article/20130804/BLOGS/308049982/-1/blogs01?rssfeed=true Sun, 04 Aug 2013 17:16:50 +0000 http://www.butlercountytimesgazette.com/article/20130804/BLOGS/308049982/-1/blogs01 It's been a week of dodging rain drops and cooler weather.  I took some time out to walk in the rain while enjoying the fresh rain. 

Here's this week's Tips and Trick's.
http://www.butlercountytimesgazette.com/article/20130708/BLOGS/307089953/-1/blogs01 Looking for free apps for iPhone, iPad, or iPod? Check out Apps Gone Free App. They release a list of paid apps that are FREE for 24 hours.


IMG_7476http://www.butlercountytimesgazette.com/article/20130630/BLOGS/306309970/-1/blogs01 383504_10200319253760885_249368150_nhttp://www.butlercountytimesgazette.com/article/20130614/BLOGS/306149998/-1/blogs01 IMG_7028[1]

This past week was filled with news from Apple, Sony, [...]]]> Throwback Thursday: My First Gaming System. http://www.butlercountytimesgazette.com/article/20130613/BLOGS/306139987/-1/blogs01?rssfeed=true Thu, 13 Jun 2013 12:03:00 +0000 http://www.butlercountytimesgazette.com/article/20130613/BLOGS/306139987/-1/blogs01
With the announcement this week of the new Xbox One and Playstation 4, I thought I would share my first gaming system-an Atari. I would [...]]]>
Helping Those Affected by the Recent Tornadoes. http://www.butlercountytimesgazette.com/article/20130520/BLOGS/305209937/-1/blogs01?rssfeed=true Mon, 20 May 2013 19:20:48 +0000 http://www.butlercountytimesgazette.com/article/20130520/BLOGS/305209937/-1/blogs01 tornadoes.
thCARW47TFhttp://www.butlercountytimesgazette.com/article/20130513/BLOGS/305139986/-1/blogs01 A few weeks ago I had rear view seats to see Bon Jovi in concert.  This meant I was sitting behind the stage which was great because I got to see the concert from the band's perspective.  Once the house lights came on, you could really get the feeling of how many people were in the attendance.

http://www.butlercountytimesgazette.com/article/20130510/BLOGS/305109989/-1/blogs01 Thanks to everyone who came out to the Social Media for Business 101 last night! We had 31 people attend and a lot of great questions! Couldn't attend last night and want to check out the slides or reference sheet? Check out the my Social Media 101 page with the presentation slides and reference sheet.


Check out the Facebook Event page here:

Take Three Steps to the Left http://www.butlercountytimesgazette.com/article/20130421/BLOGS/304219967/-1/blogs01?rssfeed=true Sun, 21 Apr 2013 20:09:41 +0000 http://www.butlercountytimesgazette.com/article/20130421/BLOGS/304219967/-1/blogs01 4/4 Technology Week in Review http://www.butlercountytimesgazette.com/article/20130405/BLOGS/304059999/-1/blogs01?rssfeed=true Fri, 05 Apr 2013 05:30:09 +0000 http://www.butlercountytimesgazette.com/article/20130405/BLOGS/304059999/-1/blogs01
Gadget Girl exhausted from all the Tech News.http://www.butlercountytimesgazette.com/article/20130404/BLOGS/304049931/-1/blogs01
Here's a snippet of what's being tweeted about the new Facebook "Home".  

Stay Connect to Adventures with Gadget Girl http://www.butlercountytimesgazette.com/article/20130403/BLOGS/304039933/-1/blogs01?rssfeed=true Wed, 03 Apr 2013 02:21:17 +0000 http://www.butlercountytimesgazette.com/article/20130403/BLOGS/304039933/-1/blogs01 Don't miss a post by signing up for the Adventures with Gadget Girl email. 3/29 Technology Week in Review http://www.butlercountytimesgazette.com/article/20130329/BLOGS/303299999/-1/blogs01?rssfeed=true Fri, 29 Mar 2013 05:30:08 +0000 http://www.butlercountytimesgazette.com/article/20130329/BLOGS/303299999/-1/blogs01 Yeah!!! It's Friday!!!!  I would like to introduce you to a new weekly feature called Technology Week in Review.  I'll search the web, weeding through all the information to bring you a the latest updates in the world of Technology.  Whether you are just interested in ways to improve your small business on the web I have a little bit of something for everyone each week! 

Here's a picture of Miss Tobie, my cat, keeping an eye out for all the latest tech news. [...]]]> Mailing Easter Eggs Filled with Candy http://www.butlercountytimesgazette.com/article/20130326/BLOGS/303269999/-1/blogs01?rssfeed=true Tue, 26 Mar 2013 05:30:09 +0000 http://www.butlercountytimesgazette.com/article/20130326/BLOGS/303269999/-1/blogs01 Did you know that the US Post office will ship items other than boxes?  They do!  Did you know you can mail anything that will take a stamp and weighs less than 13ounces without a box? There's a small fee that goes along with this, but as long as it's less than 108" total (like the FAA for carry-ons - length+width+height) you're a go. It's really fun to mail random items that are 13 ounces or less.  I've shipped flip flops (one each week), a t-shirt in a plastic tube, [...]]]> Jefferson City Train Ride http://www.butlercountytimesgazette.com/article/20130324/BLOGS/303249981/-1/blogs01?rssfeed=true Sun, 24 Mar 2013 17:30:20 +0000 http://www.butlercountytimesgazette.com/article/20130324/BLOGS/303249981/-1/blogs01 Yesterday I took a train ride to Jefferson City, MO from Independence, MO.  Here's a little video that I made of our day trip adventure. 

If you are looking for a easy way to turn your pictures and videos into a professional looking video, check out Animoto

 http://www.butlercountytimesgazette.com/article/20130315/BLOGS/303159998/-1/blogs01 A couple of weeks ago I started the dreaded process of changing my email address after discovering that Road Runner was blocking some of email.  I've been looking at dumping my road runner account for a while but was indecision on which email service to use.  I've listed my reasons for wanting to dump my road runner account. 

  • Like most email you use a POP account to log into your account on your phone, which brings in a copy of the email but doesn't apply any [...]]]>