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    • Dino Day at St. James

    • On Friday, March 15, St. James Catholic School students, grades kindergarten through 6, enjoyed Dino Day. Volunteers from the community, parents and faculty operated nine hands-on stations related to dinosaurs. The kids dug up concrete “dinosaur bones” to assemble a dinosaur puzzle and broke open plaster “dinosaur eggs” to find their toy dinosaur inside. One new station, the Fossil Sandwich, was an experiment that demonstrated how rock layers form and are affected by fossils, using sliced bread and dinosaur fruit snacks. Both the lesson plan and supplies for this experiment were provided by Kansas Strong, an oil and gas nonprofit based in Wichita. Other activities included digging for real fossils in sand, a dinosaur trivia game and dinosaur art. The day ended with the whole school gathered to watch baking soda and vinegar volcanoes erupt, and a Mentos Drop, where Mentos candy is dropped into pop to create a geyser.  

      Posted Mar. 28, 2013